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Class Descriptions:

Open Yoga   Cathy gears her classes to initiate any new students, and also to keep experienced students challenged.  Every class is unique and interesting, with new movements and postures added from time to time.  A typical class begins with a centering exercise with the students in Corpse (Savasana) Position.  This is usually followed by a breathing exercise to increase lung capacity, pick up energy, and give other benefits.   Then a standard warm-up sequence (easy movements to increase blood flow to the muscles) readies the class for the postures (Asanas) and movements (Vinyasas). 

Among the techniques which may be learned are Sun and Moon Salutations, Laughter Therapy, Healing Visualizations, Meditational Techniques, Chair Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Also, postures and movements are offered which are therapeutic for individual health issues; please inform Cathy of your health issues before class starts.  Helping one student with a health issue is instructive for the entire class.

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1st class is free!
Number Of Classes Price Expiration *
1 Class Drop-in

2-4 Classes
2 months
5-8 Classes
3 months
9-12 Classes
4 months
13-16 Classes
5 months
4 Weeks Unlimited
4 weeks
8 Weeks Unlimited
8 weeks
12 Weeks Unlimited
12 weeks

16 Weeks Unlimited
*Time will be added to compensate for weeks when classes are not offered.

  $240.00 16 weeks

Call Cathy or e-mail to pre-register for a course.

If you have an injury, illness, or other unexpected situation that prevents you from using your classes in the allotted time, please let me know before the time expires and I will work with you on an extension.

Sorry, no extensions or credit will be given for time not used (except as noted above).  Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Classes are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient registration. Payment by check is preferred; make check payable to Cathy Benton.

**Important Information For Students**

1. Class Registration - Please make arrangements for payment before class starts.   For your first class, arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a form.  Thereafter, print your name in full on the registration sheet before each class.

2. Please arrive a few minutes early so you are ready to start class on time.  Use this time to relax and quiet the mind.

3. Health - If you have any medical conditions or are pregnant, communicate this to the instructor before class.  If you still smoke, please do not smoke before or on the way to class.  If you have a cold, do not attend class.

4. Yoga is best done on an empty stomach.  Schedule your latest meal at least 2 hours before class time.

5. Attire - Wear non-restrictive clothing.  Minimize jewelry.  Refrain from wearing perfumes or scented lotions.  Yoga is done barefoot - please remove shoes upon entering the classroom.

6. Props - Bring a mat or large towel to lie on.  Serious students should have their own yoga mat. Mats may be purchased at most discount department stores.  Have some tissues handy for breathing exercises.  Please return borrowed blocks and straps to the storage area.

7.  Turn off cell phones and beepers.  Limit personal items by your mat to those needed during class.

8. During class - do not compete or compare yourself with others.  Stay tuned to your own experience, watch your breath, listen to your body.  Don't push past your limits.

9. Please do not leave during final relaxation as this will disturb the other students.  If you have to leave early, inform the instructor at the beginning of class.

10. Enjoy yourself!