Yoga Training
Cathy Benton began her yoga practice in 1971 while a freshman in college. She was certified to teach yoga after attending a residential training program at Yogi Hari's Ashram in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Yogi Hari's Sampoorna Yoga system is derivative of Sivananda Yoga. After that 2-week intensive in 1997, she eventually left her position as Senior Biologist with the University of Florida to teach yoga full-time.

In addition to her Teacher Certification, Cathy has received training from Bobbi Golden (Iyengar Yoga), Amrit Desai (Kripalu Yoga), Lydia Wong (Qi-netics and Qi-gong), and Lilias Folan. She attended a residential yoga program at the Satchidananda Ashram (Integral Yoga) in Yogaville, Virginia, and participated in the 10th International Conference on Yoga for Positive Health at the USF College of Public Health, Tampa, December, 2000.  Cathy continues her yoga training by attending classes in the Orlando area.

A long-time student of meditation, Cathy was initiated by Roy Eugene Davis into Kriya Yoga in February, 2003.

Approach to Yoga
Cathy presents yoga as a holistic exercise system, that is, bringing into consideration the connection between body and mind. In fact, that is the meaning of the word "yoga". The mental aspects include mindfulness (observing our thoughts) and awareness of sensations in the body. The physical aspects include the classic postures (asanas) of yoga, special breathing techniques, and the development of relaxation skills. The postures and movements strengthen muscles, release tension and pain, and improve flexibility and range of motion in all the joints. The breathing improves energy flow and mental function while providing a focus for concentration. Conscious relaxation helps us to manage stress and allows the body to heal more quickly. Yoga is not a religion, but is a "toolbox" of health-promoting techniques. Just use the tools which you find helpful. It is not necessary to change your religion or beliefs to practice yoga.

Cathy was born Catherine Marie Klein on April 14, 1953, in Geneva, N.Y. Her parents, Leo and Marie, had emigrated from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, when her father accepted a position as an apple breeder with the N.Y. State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva.

With a strong agricultural influence growing up, Cathy chose the biological sciences as her first career in life. She earned B.S and M.S. degrees in Fruit Science and Ornamental Horticulture at Cornell University, going on to take jobs in both scientific research and commercial production. In her last horticultural position Cathy worked 10 years as Senior Biologist with the University of Florida.